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Today we are happy to announce the publication of KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition. We know this is long overdue, but we feel the final result is well worth the extra time.

This update started over 12 months ago and at times seemed to have no end in sight.  But by late 2011 things came together rather quickly and resulted in a new edition that is a significant update over the well-received first edition.

Overall, we feel the 2nd Edition continues our practice of offering comprehensive coverage of marketing concepts.  In fact, this new edition expands on the coverage offered in the first edition.  Compared to the 1st Edition, KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition presents a number of enhancements including:


  • contains nearly 20% new material and is expanded to 420 pages
  • includes over 150 newly presented real-world marketing examples
  • presents new Marketing Story boxes examining over 40 selected stories found in major media publications
  • features significantly expanded coverage of global marketing and emerging technologies
  • offers an enhanced design including a larger book size and improved graphics

And best of all, the cost is still extremely affordable at only (US) $30!

To learn more about the book and how to order click here.

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