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* Denotes a Required Entry provides citation information for most content items found on the site.  This information is located below the main content information on most pages. Most of the information found in the citation can be easily adapted to common citation formats including APA and MLA.

In terms of formatting, below is an example of how the information on can be referenced.  Please note, this is one style though there are others as well but the formats are generally very similar.

If there is no specific author that needs to be credited, such as material found in our Tutorial section, then use the following citation method:

Purpose of the Marketing Plan (2015). From How to Write a Marketing Plan Tutorial. Retrieved January 15, 2015 from

If there is a specific author, such as material found in our Blog section, then use the following citation method:

Christ, Paul (2015). A List of Top Business Jobs for 2015 Has Marketing Positions at the Top.  From Blog Postings. Retrieved January 15, 2014 from

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