Marketing Educators

This section offers ideas and resources to help those who teach marketing. Here educators will find lecture and presentation materials, ideas for marketing assignments, assessment resources and much more.

In this area, we offer ideas for educators who teach marketing concepts.  Information presented in this section is drawn from several sources including current industry news, resouces highlighting best-practice in teaching and other ideas.  The information presented can be helpful for enhancing lectures, stimulating discussion and creating course accessments. offers our own Marketing Mini-Cases.  These cases are excellent for homework assignments, testing or as part of class discussion.  Educators, who adopt a case, also have access to an Instructor's Teaching Guide that offers insights into the issues discussed in the case.  Additionally, each case offers an Issues to Consider section that poses questions and suggests assignments for students. 

Free review copies of cases are available at no cost to qualified faculty. (Cases are available to students at very affordable cost.)  To be eligible to receive a free review copy, educators: 1) must be identifiable through an educational website (e.g., online catalog, department webpage), and 2) must provide a verification email containing recognizable educational domain.