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Today we are happy to introduce a number of changes to Yes, it has taken quite a bit of time to complete the updates, but we believe the changes will be welcomed by our site visitors. Here is a list of the major changes:

  • New Website Layout - The website has been redesigned with a new logo, new menus, and an entirely new front page. The layout should work well no matter on what type of device it is viewed.
  • New Marketing Insights Section - We have created three new content areas that we call Marketing Insights. These areas are directed to our three main visitor groups - Marketing Professionals, Marketing Educators and Marketing Students. The vast majority of content that we previously posted to our Marketing Blog section will now appear in Marketing Insights. We have also redirected many of our past blog postings to these sections. While the Marketing Blog section remains, it will primarily be for news and information.
  • New Downloadable Marketing Mini-Cases - Within our Marketing Educators area we are rolling out a new Marketing Mini-Cases feature (coming soon). These cases, which will cover a wide-range of marketing topics, can be easily downloaded by students at very reasonable cost (most for less than US $2.00). For eligible educators interested in a case we offer a free review copy and case support material.
  • More Enhancements to Come - These are just a few of the changes we have made. We have several more planned over the next few months.

KT Site Update

As some have noticed, we have not posted in nearly two months but that is because we are working on a vastly improved website. Starting in July, we will be introducing a number of new features and also a new site design, including a new logo. The changes are intended to address even more marketing issues and appeal to a wide-range of marketing interests.

So watch for our updated site in a few weeks.

new search features

We are happy to announce that two new search features have been added to The first feature, called Search the Marketing Stories Archive, allows site visitors to search our vast and growing collection of over 4,500 Marketing Stories dating back to 2004. For each story, the archive contains the title, source and link to the original story (note: not all links may still be active). In most cases, the information also contains a brief annotation connecting a story to a marketing topic.

The second feature, called Search the Marketing Blog Archive, allows site visitors to search our Marketing Blog posts. These posts, which exam marketing issues in deeper detail, date back to 2009.

Both search features allow for Boolean searches. Additionally, results are presented in reverse date order, with the most recent additions to an archive appearing first.

We believe both search options will prove quite useful for market researchers, educators, students, journalists and others looking for past marketing information.

Our overall site search, handled by Google, remains for searching other areas of, such as our Principles of Marketing Tutorials.


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