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KnowThis.com Turns 20!

On October 29, 2018  KnowThis.com celebrated its 20th birthday!  Yes, 20 years ago the domain name, KnowThis.com, was registered and shortly after the website went live.  A lot has changed in the last 20 years but the site still remains focused on providing useful information for marketing and marketing-related fields.

With our birthday also comes many updates to the site.  These updates include:

  • New Back-end Software – Since moving from a static web design to a dynamic design back in 2004, KnowThis.com has been powered by the Joomla open source content management system (CMS).  Now KnowThis.com has shifted to being run on the WordPress CMS.  The move did not come easily as many hours were required to make this change, but I feel the site is now better organized and responds more quickly to users’ requests.
  • New Look to the Website Design – The move to a new CMS has also resulted in a new site design.  The design offers a more fluid layout that should make for easier reading and site navigation, especially for anyone accessing the site on mobile devices.
  • Major Revisions to Marketing Tutorials – Since the early 2000s, the key feature of KnowThis.com has been our extensive Principles of Marketing Tutorials. While this section of the website remains the most popular, it has shown some age and was in need of revisions.  ALL tutorials were reevaluated and all were revised.
  • Marketing Insight is Available But Currently Not Updated – Between 2009 through 2016 KnowThis.com offered a Marketing Insights section that examined important issues impacting marketing.  While this resource is currently not updated (it may come back), access to this material will remain still available.
  • Mothballing of Marketing Stories – One feature that is no longer available, at least not at this time, is the Marketing Stories Archive.  The archive consisted of thousands of links to marketing stories that were amassed between 2004 and 2017. However, moving this archive to the new CMS has proven to be a challenge.  However, over the next few month we will explore ways for bringing back this resource.

There are several additional enhancements that are still being fine-tuned and a few more that are still to be completed.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to offer these.

Finally, in celebration of our 20th birthday, all of our Marketing Mini-Cases are reduced to $2.00 through the end of this year. That’s a 33% savings!

Thanks for visiting KnowThis.com,

Paul Christ



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