Marketing Basics 2nd Edition Chapter Material

Chapter Summary:

In our final chapter, we see that the key for ensuring the marketing components work together is to have a full understanding of the marketing planning process.  We begin with a discussion of the importance of planning and show why the development of a Marketing Plan is a necessary undertaking for nearly all marketers.  As part of this discussion, we distinguish between strategies and tactics and examine the role these play in the planning process.  Next, to aid in our understanding of planning, we see how the Product Life Cycle (PLC) offers valuable guidance for marketing decisions.  We cover in detail the circumstances marketers face as their products move through the PLC and why marketing decisions must be continually fine-tuned to adjust to these changes.  Throughout this discussion, we see how the PLC can offer insight into what challenges marketers may face as the market for their product continues to evolve.

Key Issues:

  • Importance of Planning
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Planning and Strategy with the PLC
  • Development Stage
  • Introduction Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Maturity Stage
  • Decline Stage

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