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Mission is committed to providing quality information and valuable tools for business professionals, academics and students of marketing and related fields.  This is accomplished by:

  • publishing highly detailed information and educational materials that, in most cases, are freely available to site visitor
  • being highly selective as to which external Internet resources are referenced
  • providing access and analysis of current industry news and events


In November of 1997 a conversation between Dr. Paul Christ, a university marketing professor, and a university business librarian brought to light the lack of a centralized Internet resource dedicated to the field of marketing.  This conversation was the starting point for building an online directory of marketing resources.  By October 1998 the project moved from the university to the domain name where it remains today (see History of for images of early versions of our site).

Over this time the site has grown from a web directory to a comprehensive site that includes regularly updated blog postings, tutorials, marketing stories, hundreds of links to key industry resources and much more.

Notables ranks as one of the Internet ’s top marketing resources and holds the following distinctions:

  • serves as a reference site for hundreds of college, university and public libraries around the world
  • was chosen by CERN, originators of the World Wide Web Consortium, to be the Marketing specialty area within the World Wide Web Virtual Library
  • is listed as a resource in numerous marketing textbooks, trade books and trade publications

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