Business vs Consumer Markets

For marketers, the selling environment of business markets present uniquely different circumstances when compared to selling to consumers.  At the beginning of this tutorial we saw two ways in which consumer and business markets differ:

  1. Business markets are more likely to be price driven than brand driven, and
  2. Demand in business markets tends to be more volatile than consumer markets.

However, the two markets are dissimilar in other ways requiring marketers to take a different approach when selling to business customers than to consumers.  These differences include:

  • How Decisions Are Made
  • Existence of Experienced Purchasers
  • Time Needed to Make Buying Decision
  • Size of Purchases
  • Number of Buyers
  • Type of Promotional Effort Needed to Reach Buyer

A further discussion of each of these differences is presented below.

Business User Markets
Buying Differences: Buying Center Decisions