Company Information: Websites

The first step to uncovering company-provided information is to visit the company’s website. For company websites that are densely packed with information, it may be more practical to search the site using an Internet search engine. Search engines generally offer more robust search features than search options found on a company’s site. Searching can be made easier by using a search engine’s Advanced Search feature where search results can be limited to just the company’s website (e.g., limit domain searched to the company’s domain). In this way the only search results displayed are those located on the company’s site. However, be warned that not all information available on a company website is indexed in a search engine especially information only accessible through a user login.

Since not all company websites have the same name as the company name, locating a corporate website can be time consuming. Certainly if the company name is known using an Internet search engine will almost always locate the website address. However, if the company name is not known then consider finding it by searching a business directory.

Company-Provided Information
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