News and Media Outlets

Possibly the most widely used method for acquiring secondary research is through articles and other reports found through commercial news sources. Options include magazines, newspapers, television news, and other video/audio programming. Nearly all of these sources are available online.

Magazines and Newspapers

Journalists who write about industries and markets often have access to expensive market research reports parts of which may be mentioned in an article. Aside from major business publications, research seekers may find the most value in examining trade magazines which focus on specific industries. These magazines are rarely available on news stands, so unless a research seeker is in the industry or knows someone who is, it is unlikely he/she would have been exposed to many of these publications. Certainly an Internet search with industry name and the words “trade publication” could yield more results.

Television News Sites

Many of the leading television news networks have built elaborate websites and populated these with original materials produced by their own reporters. Just as journalists for magazines and newspapers include research information in their print pieces, reporters for television news do the same. In many cases television news sites present news reports in video format and also in text transcript.

Video and Audio News Programming

Search engines are quickly evolving to allow for the search of content within video and audio programming. Several search tools make it easy to search video clips, such as news reports, university lectures, presentations on corporate websites, and much more.

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