Project Idea: How to Undertake A/B Research Testing For Free

If you are a student who has taken or is currently taking a marketing course, you likely know how important it is for marketers to focus considerable attention to marketing research.? You also are probably aware that marketers have many research techniques at their disposal.? One highly useful form of experimentation research (a primary research method) is called A/B testing, which we discussed back in 2014.

A/B testing is a form of experimentation where two marketing decisions are compared to see which works best.? For instance, an online publisher?s website may use it to test where on a page an advertisement will generate the highest revenue.? Or an e-commerce site may test different pricing or modified webpage designs to see how visitors respond.

In fact, A/B testing has become one of the most common forms of online marketing research because it is relatively inexpensive, can be created very quickly and provides useful information in a short amount of time.? A/B testing has grown in part because of online research facilitators, such as Optimizely, which enables anyone with a website to test different layouts to see which is more effective.? (Google is also a major provider of A/B-style testing for its advertising products.)

What is especially attractive for marketing students is that Optimizely offers a 30-day free trial.? If you are in a course requiring a marketing research study be performed, Optimizely may be something to investigate.? While the use of Optimizely does require a website be created, that is also something that can be done fairly easily and, often for free, on sites such as WordPress and Weebly.

Image by mil8