Appreciating the Value of Cause Marketing

People who are unfamiliar with marketing often assume this business function is only used for the purpose of selling products and that the key measure of success is based on how much revenue is generated. It is certainly understandable why people think this way, especially given the onslaught of promotional messages we experience every day that are aimed at getting people to make a purchase. However, there is another strategy within marketing that is clearly not directly intended to be a revenue generator.

As we note in our What is Marketing? tutorial, companies can use marketing technique to help present them as being socially responsible. One way to do this is by focusing marketing efforts on a particular social cause that is intended to help society. As we note, while taking this approach may not instantly result in a benefit to the company, over time being perceived as socially responsible can build a strong reputation among targeted customers.

If you are a marketer looking to learn more about the benefits of a more socially responsible marketing strategy, then consider a cause marketing campaign. As defined by the website, Cause Marketing Forum, cause marketing is ?a strategic marketing partnership that pairs a company or brand with a social cause or cause-related organization for mutual benefit.? If you are not familiar with cause marketing, then take a look at the information available on the Cause Marketing Forum site. While they do require a membership fee to gain access to the good stuff, their Resource Center offers a reasonable amount of freely accessible resources. The site also includes links to several other cause marketing resources including Cause Update, which features a weekly updated blog and podcast.