History of KnowThis.com

KnowThis.com was first established in 1998.? Below are examples of the early development of the site.

A Brief History of KnowThis.com

As noted, the beginnings of KnowThis.com started over 20 years ago when the internet as we now know it was just beginning to be utilized as a useful aid for information seekers. Over these many years, KnowThis.com, like many well-established websites, has undergone many changes. In the next few pages we offer a look back …

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Moving to KnowThis.com Domain

In October 1998 the project moved off the university server and under the domain name KnowThis.com. By this time the site had been chosen by CERN, originators of the World Wide Web Consortium, to be the Marketing specialty area within the World Wide Web Virtual Library. For the next two years the site would be …

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First Site Launched February 1998

Below is the first front page of the forerunner to KnowThis.com. The original layout was a links-style site intended to direct visitors to other sites around the internet. The site was housed at West Chester University in Pennsylvania on the school’s library server. (Image Date: February 1998) .

Focus on KnowThis.com Name

In 1999 the decision was made to use the KnowThis.com name as the key brand name for the site, though the Marketing Virtual Library name would still be emphasized for several more years. (Image Date: November 2000)

Site in Early 2000s

For the next few years the KnowThis.com name shared equal billing with the Marketing Virtual Library name as shown in this image from 2003. (Image Date: December 2003)

Major Change to Site

In 2004, KnowThis.com saw its most dramatic change. First, in May of that year, the website moved from the static HTML style it used from the beginning to a dynamic website where programming language and databases created webpages on-the-fly. Today the dynamic website is the standard design for a large majority of websites. Second, also …

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The Site in 2008

This shows the site as it looked in 2008. This design was relatively short lived. It was becoming clear at this point that graphics and images were needed to add value to a website. (Image Date: January 2008)

The 2010 Site Redesign

The need for a major redesign to emphasizes graphics and images lead to this design in 2010. This site image shows how KnowThis.com now emphasizing the Blog component as a key feature of the site. While the Marketing Tutorials are still the most visited part of the site, the Blog would allow the content found …

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2016 Move to Responsive Site Design

In 2016, in response to the growing importance of mobile devices, another site redesign was introduced. This change incorporated a responsive web design enabling the site to automatically adjust to a visitor’s screen size. Below is how the site looked on larger computer screens and below that how it responded to tablet-size screens. (Image Date: …

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