Analysis: Current Distributor Network(s)

This may not apply if company does not use distributors.Evaluate how the company’s product(s) is distributed. Clearly marketing plans for a service company may not have much detail here but this section will most likely have some relevance even for service firms (e.g., package delivery services, online legal service, etc,). (Length: 2 pages).

1. Describe the channels/supply chain employed to sell and deliver the product: (Note: internal sales force discussion should appear under company promotion in Current Product Analysis above.)

  • Options may include:
    • direct to customer
    • indirect via a distributor
    • combination of both

2. What are the needs/benefits sought by distributors?

3. Describe the product’s role within the distributor network:

  • How is this product used within the distributor’s business?
  • How important is product within the distributor’s strategy?
  • How is product positioned?
    • e.g., how does distributor view product in relation to competition
  • Attitudes and perceptions about company’s product(s)

4. Purchase process

  • How does distributor network make their purchase?
  • Who or what influence distributor’s purchases?

5. Demographics

  • Who makes up the distributor network?
    • types
    • size
    • geographic region
    • markets served
Analysis: Current Target Market(s)
Analysis: Current Competitor(s)