Part 6: Additional Considerations

The final major section in the Marketing Plan prepares the reader for potential situations that may affect the plan. In this way, the reader is provided with a somewhat more balanced picture of what the organization may face as it attempts to implement the plan. (Length: 2-3 pages)

1. Internal Factors
  • Discuss organizational  factors that may affect the plan
    • e.g., loss of funding sources, loss of key personnel, current plan is linked to success to other products that may not reach their goals, production problems, etc.
2. External Factors
  • Discuss outside factors that may affect the plan
    • e.g., supply chain problems, competitor reaction, technological developments, legal environment, societal changes, economic issues, governmental concerns, etc.
3. Research Limitations
  • Discuss problems that may exist with the research information on which assumptions are being made
    • e.g., difficult to find solid data on a certain subject