Tactical Decisions: Distribution

This marketing tactics section lays out the distribution plan for the product or service. Distribution is a broad concept that includes all activities and entities (e.g., value chain partners) responsible for getting the product or service to the customer. Distribution costs can represent a high portion of the overall cost of the product so an efficient distribution system may be critical for marketing success. (Length: 1-3 pages)

1. Brief Summary of Current Distribution Network/Value Chain Decisions

  • Types of channels used:
    • direct – e.g., direct via sales force, internet, etc.
    • indirect – e.g., retailers, wholesalers, agents
    • combination
  • Level of market coverage:
    • intensive – e.g., mass availability
    • selective – e.g., wide availability
    • exclusive – e.g., restricted availability
  • Outlets handling product:
    • types
    • number/level of penetration
    • geographic location
  • Perceived product positioning:
    • in relation to competitors
  • Distribution costs

2. Identify Planned Changes

  • Summarize changes
  • Justify changes:
    • Due to results
    • Due to research
    • Due to competition
    • Others

3. Describe Planned Changes

  • Objectives:
    • e.g., account development, gain distributor support, account maintenance, account penetration
  • Types of channels employed
  • Level of market coverage
  • Outlets handling product
  • Product positioning
  • Distribution costs


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