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In this area we offer information for anyone interested in a career in marketing.  In particular, we look at the skills and education needed for various marketing jobs, trends in hiring, resources for those looking for marketing jobs and much more. offers high-quality marketing content that can be purchased at a very affordable price.  Content includes:

KnowThis Marketing Basics 2nd Edition



KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition offers detailed coverage of essential marketing concepts and is produced as a direct response to many inquires from visitors to the website This book is written by a marketing professor and covers much of the same ground as found in much more expensive books. But it also provides insight not found in other publications and thus holds its own as a unique offering and not simply a remaking of other books.

With a retail price of only $30 for our paperback version, KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition is an exceptional value! (For a limited time save 20% off the list price when ordered through our online store. Click for details.)

We are able to maintain affordable pricing by using printing strategies and methods that reduce overall printing costs and inventory carrying costs. But be assured this book does not sacrifice quality.

Whether this book is used in the classroom to help students learn basic concepts or used outside the classroom to assist in professional marketing activities, readers will find the material to be comprehensive, relevant, and written in a way that is intended to bridge the gap that often exists between business practice and academic textbooks.



KnowThis: Marketing Basics
Formats: Paperback - 6.69" x 9.61"; Digital eBook format
Publisher: KnowThis Media
Copyright: 2012
Print Page Length: 420
Price: $30 for paperback, $9.99 for ebook



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