Helpful Resources

In this area we offer insights into resources that can help marketers carry out important tasks.  While many important resources marketers use can be quite expensive, we will make a strong effort to identify affordable resources that offer great value at low or no cost.

Online Survey Resources

As an extension of our recent discussion of online panels for survey research, we take a look at another useful survey resource. In this case, it is the Google Surveys option found within the Google Analytics Solution. This service enables marketers to obtain data by presenting survey questions to online users as they access certain content found on websites affiliated with Google's AdSense product. For example, a magazine website may initially block access to an article by presenting a research question. When exposed to this “survey wall” users can then choose whether to answer the question before they are given access to the content. (For websites erecting the survey wall, they benefit by receiving payment for each completed response.)

Ethical Issue with Research Panels

As we note in Part 1 of our look at online research panels, many leading marketing research organizations recruit members of research panels by using pay-to-participate appeals in online advertising. In addition to building panel membership through their own recruitment efforts, several research firms are finding participants are also being directed to their panels through the marketing activities of websites and mobile apps operated by organizations not controlled by the marketing research firm. These research intermediaries are promoted as offering a one-stop shop for locating hundreds of opportunities to take part in incentive-based online research. For their services, some of these intermediaries charge respondents a fee to establish an account before providing access to the listing of paid research opportunities.

The Quality of Using Online Panels

A category of online searching that draws a large number of user queries on Google and other search engines deals with how people can make “easy money.” Phrases such as make money online, how to make money and make money fast are searched hundreds of thousands of times a month. While the listed results are what would be expected, such as online articles suggesting how someone can make money, what also often appears are advertisements proclaiming how money can be made by participating in online research, such as answering surveys or participating in focus groups.