Help With Assignments

This area we offers marketing students materials to help with course assignments.  Information includes ideas for courses papers, ways to improve class presentations, techniques to aid group projects and much more.

Judging Value of Research Reports

Students studying marketing often find the most challenging and time-consuming assignments are those involving a written report. These assignments can feel especially burdensome if a good bit of information is needed on an industry, company or product. To this end, many students will turn to Google or some other Internet search engine looking for suitable material. Many times, search results will include a list of research reports produced by non-marketing research companies. That is, these reports are presented on websites of companies whose primary business is not that of undertaking research, but of selling a product or service. For these companies, the research report has become an essential marketing tool that helps explain what they do. While most people do not equate research reports with promotion, the fact is many companies use it for promotional reasons.

Useful Resource for Students

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Using A/B Testing For Class Project

If you are a student who has taken or is currently taking a marketing course, you likely know how important it is for marketers to focus considerable attention to marketing research.  You also are probably aware that marketers have many research techniques at their disposal.  One highly useful form of experimentation research (a primary research method) is called A/B testing, which we discussed back in 2014.