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In this area we offer information for anyone interested in a career in marketing.  In particular, we look at the skills and education needed for various marketing jobs, trends in hiring, resources for those looking for marketing jobs and much more.

Brands Promotion on College Campuses

It is probably not a huge surprise for many college students to learn that campuses are hotbeds for marketers. Aside from books and necessary school supplies, each year college students spend billions of dollars on fashion, food, furnishings, and much more. For marketers, one of the key attractions of colleges is the access these venues offer to a large number of customers within a geographically concentrated area. The potential of this market has caught the attention of a surprisingly large number of companies who see tremendous opportunity.

What Salespeople Do

After learning about the role of salespeople in an introductory marketing course, many students often believe the only important task salespeople perform is finding buyers and selling products. But it would be shortsighted to think that is all salespeople do when, in fact, their contribution to a marketing organization includes many other things. Since many students will eventually go into a sales position, we offer a few examples of what salespeople really do.

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