Search Engine Marketing

For millions of people around the world, search engines have become the central doorway to all the Internet has to offer. In this role search engines have become extremely influential and powerful in their ability to funnel traffic to websites. However, many marketers remain unenlightened with regard to the power search engines possess in generating qualified customer traffic.

It is safe to conclude that many marketers have yet to grasp one highly important component of Internet marketing: search engines. While most marketers know search engines can help visitors find “stuff” on the web, many appear to be unaware of the overall importance search engines play today in customer lead generation let alone recognize how search can dramatically effect how marketing will be done in the future. Quite simply search engine sites are the number one reason people use the Web and are second only to email as the most important use of the Internet (technically email is a different protocol than the Web). And as we pointed out in our discussion of the Importance of Internet Strategy, search engines are fast becoming the first stop or go-to place for information of all kinds, including where customers go to learn about products and services.

Unfortunately many marketers, especially those who have traditionally operated offline, fail to make the connection between search engines as a tool for gaining information and search engines as a means for generating customers. Their lack of understanding can clearly be seen by examining company websites, which often fail to include fundamental design features minimally necessary for search engines to understand what the site is about. And if search engines struggle to recognize the substance of a site, marketers will not get close to experiencing the full potential for generating traffic through search engines.

With this in mind we cover the importance issues in Search Engine Marketing. This information is designed to offer marketers basic strategies and tactics to increase website traffic via search engines.The focus here is on issues necessary for search engines to grasp what a website has to offer. What we will discuss are not tricks; rather these are simple straightforward logical design characteristics that simply make a site suitable for evaluation when search engines visits (i.e., crawls) as part of its indexing routine.