For Some the First Step into Retailing is Behind a Cart

Shopping-Center Kiosks Are a Way to Try Retail Ownership (Los Angeles Times)

KioskIf you have ever had the inkling to be a retailer and either did not have enough start-up cash needed to open a store or you were not confident you could be successful, then this story is worth reading.  The option of operating a kiosk cart may be just the type of retail outlet a would-be entrepreneur needs.  These opportunities seem to be growing rapidly especially within shopping malls.

But for those who want to get a toehold into retail ownership, it can be a good opportunity. Business owners typically lease their kiosks from property management companies. They might sell their own products, such as the stuffed animal pillows, or agree to hawk items that mall operators want sold. Hundreds of companies pitch kiosk concepts to mall owners and directly to kiosk owners at trade fairs.

What are the key skills needed for someone to be successful selling from a kiosk cart?

Image by loop_oh