The Methods Brands Use to Promote On College Campuses

It is probably not a huge surprise for many college students to learn that campuses are hotbeds for marketers. Aside from books and necessary school supplies, each year college students spend billions of dollars on fashion, food, furnishings, and much more. For marketers, one of the key attractions of colleges is the access these venues offer to a large number of customers within a geographically concentrated area. The potential of this market has caught the attention of a surprisingly large number of companies who see tremendous opportunity.

Marketers are now flooding campuses and recruiting students to be part of their promotional army. However, companies are finding that reaching college students may require more than just advertising in the student newspaper or handing out samples in high-traffic areas. Because college students tend to be difficult to pin down to specific brands and are also often suspicious of the motives of those who are promoting, companies find that to reach this market requires creativity.

One promotional approach many companies are utilizing is to hire on-campus ?brand ambassadors.? Leading firms including Apple, Red Bull, and Victoria Secret, along with many smaller businesses, actively recruit students to represent their products. Those promoting the products are not full-time employees of the company but temporary hires, who generally work on commission. And the commission may not even be in the form of cash. Instead, brand ambassadors may be compensated with free products. But for many of these students, the real value they are receiving from their work is that it helps build up the job experience section of their resume.

For anyone looking at potential job opportunities as on-campus brand ambassadors, check out the links below:

However, hiring brand ambassadors is just one method companies use to market to college students. If you want to learn other ways companies promote on college campuses, then check out the companies listed below:

Image by Michael Curi