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The last few days have proven to be a little difficult for us at as we have struggled with a software upgrade. We apologize for any issues visitors may have experienced. While we are not completely back to normal, we are close enough to make an announcement.

We are happy to report that beginning today our @KnowThis account is live on Twitter. We will be using Twitter to communicate the latest marketing news, offer comments on current events, provide site updates and more. Our goal is to continue to be a leading source of quality information for professionals, students, and teacher of marketing and related fields. We hope you will follow us.

As some loyal visitors have noticed, today we rolled out a few changes to the website.  Over the last few months, we have spent a considerable amount of time improving the site features and redoing the underlying structure.  This has resulted in a number of improvements including:  a redesign of Blog posts that features new Tag display and a new visitor Comment area; a new Marketing Terms section that includes a mouse-over option for seeing the definition of key terms contained within a definition; and a new layout for the Blog Archives.  In addition to these viewable changes, the underlying technical changes will enable the site to respond faster to visitors’ requests.

While the changes may not appear dramatic (for instance the general layout of the site is pretty much the same), what was changed took considerable man-hours.  The focus on updating the site led us to take a step away from adding a lot of new content over the last few months.  Consequently, we scaled back on postings to the Blog, Marketing Stories and other site sections in favor of  concentrating on the important software upgrades.

While, at this point, most of the work is completed, there are still a few nagging issues.  For instance, extra pages within the Marketing Links section are not quite working nor are those found in the Marketing Stories Archive.  Despite these areas not being 100%, we decided to roll out the upgrade in order to get back to providing regular updates.  Expect to see more frequent Blog postings, Stories and Tutorial updates beginning next week.

In the mean time, thank you for your patience during the upgrade and feel free to provide comments that will help us to continue the effort to improve

3d 240px2ndeFinally!!!

Today we are happy to announce the publication of KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition. We know this is long overdue, but we feel the final result is well worth the extra time.

This update started over 12 months ago and at times seemed to have no end in sight.  But by late 2011 things came together rather quickly and resulted in a new edition that is a significant update over the well-received first edition.

Overall, we feel the 2nd Edition continues our practice of offering comprehensive coverage of marketing concepts.  In fact, this new edition expands on the coverage offered in the first edition.  Compared to the 1st Edition, KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition presents a number of enhancements including:


  • contains nearly 20% new material and is expanded to 420 pages
  • includes over 150 newly presented real-world marketing examples
  • presents new Marketing Story boxes examining over 40 selected stories found in major media publications
  • features significantly expanded coverage of global marketing and emerging technologies
  • offers an enhanced design including a larger book size and improved graphics

And best of all, the cost is still extremely affordable at only (US) $30!

To learn more about the book and how to order click here.

KnowThis: Marketing Basics Book

$30 for Print
(420 pages)
$9.99 for eBook

120px2ndeKnowThis: Marketing Basics, 2nd Edition offers in-depth coverage of marketing and is ideal for the marketing novice, the marketing educator, the marketing professional and anyone else who needs to know about marketing.This book includes more than 60% new material not found on

For more information including taking a look inside, Click Here.