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Marketing Book

$30 for Print (336 pages)
$9.99 for eBook

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd Edition offers detailed coverage of essential marketing concepts and is ideal for the marketing novice, the marketing educator, the marketing professional and anyone else who needs to know about marketing. This book includes more than 60% new material not found on

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd Edition is written by a marketing professor and covers much of the same ground as found in much more expensive books. But it also provides insight not found in other publications and thus holds its own as a unique offering and not simply a remaking of other books.

With a retail price of only $30 for the paperback version and $9.99 for the eBook version, KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd Edition is an exceptional value!

We are able to maintain affordable pricing by using printing strategies and methods that reduce overall printing costs and inventory carrying costs. But be assured this book does not sacrifice quality.

Whether this book is used in the classroom to help students learn basic concepts or used outside the classroom to assist in professional marketing activities, readers will find the material to be comprehensive, relevant, and written in a way that is intended to bridge the gap that often exists between business practice and academic textbooks.


Title: KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd Edition
Formats: Paperback – 7″ x 10″; Digital – eBook
Publisher: KnowThis LLC
Copyright: 2018
Print Page Length: 336
Price: $30 for paperback (BUY), $9.99 for eBook (BUY)

About the Book

In 1998, was launched as one of the first internet websites to address the specific needs of those involved in marketing and related fields.  A key part of is the Principles of Marketing tutorial series, which offers a detailed look at marketing concepts.  This series brought a great deal of positive comments and many requests for a printed version.  This led to the first edition of KnowThis: Marketing Basics, which was well received by both the academic and business communities.  The success and satisfaction received from publishing the first edition led to a second edition in 2012 and now to a third update.

Overall, the KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd edition continues our practice of offering comprehensive coverage of marketing concepts.  This new edition expands on the coverage offered in the second edition in several ways including:

  • The 3rd edition contains over 20% new material.
  • The 3rd edition updates or rewrites nearly 40% of material found in the previous edition.
  • The 3rd edition significantly expands coverage of the impact emerging technologies, particularly the internet and mobile technologies, have on marketing.
  • The 3rd edition addresses more discussion on how issues impact marketing decision making.

As with the previous editions, the third edition IS NOT SIMPLY A REPRODUCTION OF CONTENT FOUND ON THE WEBSITE.  This book offers significantly broader coverage.

Target Audience

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd edition was written with several audiences in mind including:

  • The Marketing Novice – This book is ideal for anyone who is new to marketing, as it covers all essential marketing areas.  By spending time with this book, the Marketing Novice will quickly gain the foundation needed to appreciate what marketers do and understand the full scope of marketing decision making.  For some, reading this book may also offer insight into career options in the marketing field.
  • The Marketing Professional – Experienced marketers will also find this book useful.  Often, seasoned marketers tend to focus on just a few areas of marketing as part of their day-to-day activities.  This book may serve as a good refresher for areas of marketing for which they have not recently spent much time.
  • The Marketing Educator – Teachers of marketing now have an alternative to high-priced marketing textbooks.  This book offers nearly all of the same coverage found in expensive textbooks at a fraction of the price.

Additionally, most of what is covered applies to all types of businesses including those whose objective is to make money (i.e., for-profit businesses) as well as those not driven by a profit-making motive (i.e., not-for-profit organizations).

About the Author

Paul Christ (pronounced with soft “i”) holds a Ph.D. (marketing concentration) from Drexel University.  He is Professor Emeritus of Marketing at West Chester University (AACSB accredited), the largest university in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and one of the largest universities in the Philadelphia region.

During 28 years of teaching Paul taught MBA-level courses titled Marketing Management, Marketing and Technology, and Business Research and Data Analysis.  In addition to teaching, Paul held several administrative positions including serving as the university’s MBA Program Director for 14 years.  Also, in 1999 he was responsible for developing one of the first E-Commerce focused MBA programs in the world.

Paul has written and presented on marketing and technology topics in numerous academic publications, conferences and other public forums and has spoken throughout the world on the topic of marketing and Internet business.  Paul is editor of, a leading marketing information site.

In addition to academic experience, Paul has extensive experience in various marketing and sales positions with Fortune 500 companies and served in a management position for a successful startup in the consumer electronics industry.  Additionally, he is currently a consultant to  marketing and technology companies.

Information for Educators

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd edition is ideal as a textbook for an entry-level marketing course or as a supplemental reference for a more advanced class.  This book covers the same ground as far more expense textbooks, while also offering new information not covered in other books.  Additionally:

  • This book takes a contemporary view of marketing including covering numerous new developments and how these affect marketing.  For instance, coverage includes such topics as social networks, mobile applications (“apps”), voice-activated assistants, advanced payment systems, and much, much more.
  • Slide presentations, end-of-chapter discussion questions and test bank are available for qualified instructors who adopt the book.
  • Also, to help apply what is learned, offer highly affordable Marketing Mini-Cases.  These cases are excellent for homework assignments, testing, or as part of class discussion.  Educators adopting our cases also have access to an Instructor’s Teaching Guide that offers insights into the issues discussed in the case.  Additionally, each case offers an Issues to Consider section that poses questions and suggests assignments for students.

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