About the Book

about knowthis: marketing basics book

In 1998, KnowThis.com was launched as one of the first internet websites to address the specific needs of those involved in marketing and related fields.  A key part of KnowThis.com is the Principles of Marketing tutorial series, which offers a detailed look at marketing concepts.  This series brought a great deal of positive comments and many requests for a printed version.  This led to the first edition of KnowThis: Marketing Basics, which was well received by both the academic and business communities.  The success and satisfaction received from publishing the first edition led to a second edition in 2012 and now to a third update.

Overall, the KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 3rd edition continues our practice of offering comprehensive coverage of marketing concepts.  This new edition expands on the coverage offered in the second edition in several ways including:

  • The 3rd edition contains over 20% new material.
  • The 3rd edition updates or rewrites nearly 40% of material found in the previous edition.
  • The 3rd edition significantly expands coverage of the impact emerging technologies, particularly the internet and mobile technologies, have on marketing.
  • The 3rd edition addresses more discussion on how issues impact marketing decision making.

As with the previous editions, the third edition IS NOT SIMPLY A REPRODUCTION OF CONTENT FOUND ON THE WEBSITE.  This book offers significantly broader coverage.