Information for Bookstores

How to Order

College and university bookstores located in the United States have the following options for purchasing (bookstores located in Canada and other countries should contact us for ordering and returns information):

Option #1: Purchase Using Credit Card through Amazon
  • About This Option: Purchases can be made through Amazon, the leading online bookseller.
  • Pricing: Discounts on purchases are entirely up to Amazon. Bookstores should submit inquiries to Amazon to determine whether a discount is available.
  • Shipping Options and Cost: Bookstores ordering through Amazon are subject to the shipping policies established by Amazon.
  • How to Order: To locate a particular book simply visit Amazon and search by book title or by ISBN.
Option #2: Purchase Using Purchase Order through KnowThis LLC
  • About This Option: Bookstores may place orders using a purchase order, however, all purchase orders must be placed through KnowThis LLC (legal entity for Under this option books will be shipped by our distributor but an invoice will be sent to the bookstore by KnowThis LLC.
  • Pricing: Discounts are available for bookstores ordering 10 or more copies. For discount amount and pricing quotes please contact us.
  • Shipping Options and Cost: Bookstores ordering directly through KnowThis LLC must select a shipping option and are responsible for the shipping cost. The total shipping cost will depend on order volume and shipping method selected. This cost will be contained in the quoted order price. Expected arrival time of shipment will depend on the selected shipping option.
  • How to Order: Contact us for more information on how to place an order using a purchase order.

What is the returns policy?

Returns are allowed for bookstores purchasing products using purchase Option #2. Returns for purchases made using Option #1 are subject to the policies established by

For returns made through purchase Option #2, the following additional information applies:

  • Request for returns must be made within 6 months of the original invoice/billing date.
  • Returned product must be in saleable condition in order to obtain credit. Damaged product will be returned to our distributor who will send a replacement.
  • Shipment cost for all returns are the responsibility of the bookstore. All returns must be shipped prepaid and must be traceable.
  • Shipment must be made in packaging that sufficiently protects the contents from shipping damage. This includes using containers and packaging materials of adequate strength and size.
  • Shipment must contain one packing list per container indicating quantity and titles returned.
  • Include a copy of your original invoice. If a copy of the original invoice is not available the bookstore should contact KnowThis to request permission.

Where do we ship returns?

To obtain the shipping address for purchase Option #1 you must contact Amazon. To obtain the shipping address for returns made through purchase Option #2 please contact us.