Information for Educators

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th edition is ideal as a textbook for an entry-level marketing course or as a supplemental reference for a more advanced class.  This book covers the same ground as far more expense textbooks, while also offering new information not covered in other books.  Additionally:

  • This book takes a contemporary view of marketing including covering numerous new developments and how these affect marketing. For instance, coverage includes such topics as the effects of an unforeseen global pandemic, the implications of voice-activated assistants, the use of advanced payment systems, and much, much more.
  • Slide Presentations, End-of-Chapter Discussion Questions and Activities, and Test Bank are available for qualified instructors who adopt the book.
  • Also, to help apply what is learned, we also offer our highly affordable KnowThis: Marketing Case Studies book.  These cases are excellent for homework assignments, testing, or as part of class discussion.  Educators adopting our case book also have access to an Instructor’s Teaching Guide that offers insights into the issues discussed in each case.  Additionally, each case presents an Issues to Consider section that poses questions and suggests assignments for students.

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