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KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th Edition offers detailed coverage of essential marketing concepts and is ideal for the marketing novice, the marketing educator, the marketing professional and anyone else who needs to know about marketing. This book includes more than 60% new material not found on

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th Edition is written by a marketing professor and covers much of the same ground as found in much more expensive books. But it also provides insight not found in other publications and thus holds its own as a unique offering and not simply a remaking of other books.

KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th Edition expands on the coverage offered in the third edition in several ways including:

  • The 4th edition provides a special focus on how the coronavirus pandemic impacted marketing decision making.
  • The 4th edition contains over 20% new material.
  • The 4th edition updates or rewrites nearly 30% of material found in the previous edition.
  • The 4th edition presents over 60% new or completely updated references and insightful comments.

With a retail price of only $30 for the paperback version and $9.99 for the eBook version, KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th Edition is an exceptional value!

We are able to maintain affordable pricing by using printing strategies and methods that reduce overall printing costs and inventory carrying costs. But be assured this book does not sacrifice quality.

Whether this book is used in the classroom to help students learn basic concepts or used outside the classroom to assist in professional marketing activities, readers will find the material to be comprehensive, relevant, and written in a way that is intended to bridge the gap that often exists between business practice and academic textbooks.

(Educators: For more information including how to obtain an evaluation copy of KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th Edition see this page.)


Title: KnowThis: Marketing Basics, 4th Edition
Formats: Paperback – 7″ x 10″; Digital – eBook
Publisher: KnowThis LLC
Copyright: 2021
Print Page Length: 336
Price: $30 for paperback (BUY), $9.99 for eBook (BUY)