Chapter Summary:

In this first chapter, we lay the groundwork for our study of the field of marketing with a look at marketing's key concepts and the important tasks marketers perform.  Coverage includes a close examination of the definition of marketing.  A dissection of the key terms in the definition shows that marketing's primary focus is to identify and satisfy customers in a way that helps build a solid and, hopefully, sustained relationship that encourages customers to continue doing business with the marketer.  We also show how marketing has evolved from a process centered on simply getting as many people as possible to purchase a product to today's highly complex efforts designed to build long-term customer relationships.  Additionally, we'll see marketing is not only necessary for individual organizations, it also carries both positive and negative influences at a broader societal level.  Finally, we look at the key characteristics that define successful marketers.

Index of Key Issues Covered:

  • Marketing Defined
  • The Marketer's Toolkit
  • Marketing's Role
  • Criticisms of Marketing
  • Ethical and Social Concerns
  • The Successful Marketer

Links to Cited References:

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