Chapter 17: Pricing Decisions

Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, we begin a two-part discussion of the pricing component of the Marketer’s Toolkit.  We start by defining price and see how it has a different meaning for different parties to a transaction.  We next look at why price is essential to marketing and to the organization.  Finally, considerable attention is given to the internal and external factors that influence pricing decisions.

Key Issues:

  • What is Price?
  • Importance of Pricing
  • Internal Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions
  • External Market Factors Affecting Pricing Decisions

Links to Cited References:

  1. Changing price can also be a highly automated process in which computer programs evaluate multiple variables and then instantly alter the price.  This method is best represented by ridesharing service, such as Uber and its surge pricing method.  For more, see Dynamic Pricing in Chapter 18.
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