Chapter 18: Setting Price

Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, our primary emphasis is to look at pricing as a five-step process.  The process takes into consideration many different decisions before the marketer arrives at a final selling price.  We will examine this process by first assessing how price fits into the organization’s overall marketing objectives.  Next, we look at several approaches for setting the initial product price.  For many marketers, the initial price is not the final price and adjustments must be made.  In the next step, we consider situations where marketers must make changes to their initial price and the various methods that are available for doing this.  We conclude the five-step process by looking payment options marketers can choose when selling their product.  We complete the discussion of pricing by looking at two additional methods, bid and auction pricing, and see how these fit within pricing strategy.

Key Issues:

  • Steps in the Price Setting Process
  • Step 1: Examine Objectives
  • Step 2: Determine an Initial Price
  • Step 3: Set Standard Price Adjustments
  • Step 4: Determine Promotional Pricing
  • Step 5: State Payment Options
  • Other Pricing Methods

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