Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, we begin our discussion of resellers by examining the role retailers serve in reselling a marketer's products.  We begin by setting out reasons why selecting resellers is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.  We then turn our attention to a detailed look at retailing, which in terms of sales volume and number of employees is one of the largest sectors of most economies.  We show that retailing is quite diverse, and marketers, who want to distribute through retailers, must be familiar with the differences that exist among different retail options.  The chapter concludes with a look at the key concerns facing today's retailers.

Key Issues:

  • Importance of Resellers
  • What is Retailing?
  • Benefits of Retailers
  • Ways to Categorize Retailers
  • Retail Formats
  • Concerns of Retailers

Links to Cited References:

  1. "2012 Economic Census for Retail Trade," United States Census Bureau
  2. For a list of top franchises see: "Franchise Top 500 Ranking." Entrepreneur Magazine
  3. For the purpose of this discussion, we also include many kiosks under the vending category. To learn more about advanced vending machines or kiosks see: Kiosk Marketplace
  4. RFID tags or radio frequency identification tags can be attached to products and contain digital data that emit radio waves readable by tracking devices.  These tags can then be used to track product movement.  For more information on RFID tags see: "How Does RFID Work?" American Barcode and RFID



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