Marketing Case Studies

Front Cover
Back Cover offers our own Marketing Case Studies book. Even though the 10 cases contained in this highly affordable book are presented in shorten format, each case still covers a wide-range of marketing issues.

With a retail price of only $10 for the paperback version and $6 for the eBook version, KnowThis: Marketing Case Studies is an exceptional value!

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Title: KnowThis: Marketing Case Studies
Formats: Paperback – 7″ x 10″; Digital – eBook
Publisher: KnowThis LLC
Copyright: 2021
Number of Cases: 10
Print Page Length: 56
Price: $10 for paperback (BUY), $6 for eBook (BUY)

Case Summaries

Athletes Attire

Summary: A small clothing company, focused on athletic sportswear for women and men, must find ways to respond to slowing sales. While the company’s founder, Sue Bradley, does not see a need for major changes, the marketing staff may have different ideas.

The Always-On-Time Delivery Company

Summary: A regional package delivery company must consider several marketing issues as it makes plans to expand into the overnight delivery market. Prior to presenting the plan to senior management, vice-president of marketing, Bill Carson, has called a department meeting to evaluate the plan one last time.

California Playsets

Summary: Ralph Fallows is looking to extend his streak of successful retail businesses with a new venture targeting the play equipment market. Based in California, Ralph wants to have stores across the U.S. within two years and international locations within four years. To reach this goal, he believes his company will need to engage in aggressive word-of-mouth promotion and intense personal selling.

Snappy Snacks

Summary: Molly Smith, product manager for a manufacturer and marketer of spicy snack products, must decide how to address sluggish sales of a newly introduced product. Potentially complicating the situation are Molly’s assistant product managers who appear to have different ideas on what needs to happen to improve sales.

The Sleek Skier

Summary: A marketer of high-end skiing attire has seen its business expand rapidly in just five years. However, consumer research indicates there may be much more potential than is being realized. The company’s president has instructed the marketing staff to analyze their business and develop a new plan with the goal of doubling sales within two years.

Users Speak

Summary: A social media startup focused on health care services is facing a crucial point as it tries to establish a niche in a market dominated by well-known competitors. Nearly two years after entering the market, the company’s founders are concerned. While the company has spent heavily on promotion, the number of users joining this new social media outlet have lagged. With funds running low and their financial backers growing restless, the company founders have limited time to grow their business.

The Perfect Pasta Producers of Pittsburgh

Summary: A regional supplier of pasta products is facing declining sales despite a 60-year history of offering affordable products that appeal to working and middle class families. The head of marketing, Denise Alexander, believes a complete review of the firm’s marketing strategy is required and that both short-term and long-term plans are needed to address the situation.

Four Falls Coffee Company

Summary: Facing slower than expected sales growth, a small premium gourmet coffee company has set a goal of doubling sales within three years. To achieve this goal, the company’s Product Manager believes a new marketing plan is needed. The Product Manager is open to making changes, though a limited budget will require a carefully planned and possibly creative use of funds.

PA Document Systems

Summary: A manufacturer of affordably priced printing and document management equipment for large offices is introducing a new high-end product. However, some in the sales force have significant reservations about the new product and, in particular, the objectives management has set for selling it. Also, one of the top sales representatives wonders about the potential ramifications of management’s decision to suddenly shift its marketing strategy to now position the company as a high-quality, premium cost provider.

Visionary Health Products

Summary: William Park, marketing manager for a small company in the dietary supplements market, cannot understand why product sales are not expanding despite the launch of the company’s first television advertising campaign. As she convenes a meeting with her marketing staff, William wonders if the ad was a mistake and whether it would have been wiser to spend the company’s limited marketing funds on other promotional methods.

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