Technologies: Social Media and Wireless Data Access

Social Media

The use of social media for customer service gives marketers the opportunity to reach out to customers that actively use these services. For instance, many organizations have created a Twitter account intended to only address customer service questions. However, using social media for customer service is not limited to only responding when a customer poses a question. Instead, organization can proactively use social media to inform and alert customers to important issues that may arise.

Wireless Data Access

Providing a high-level of customer services does not only occur when the customer initiates contact with an organization. Customer service takes place during any potential interaction including those that may be initiated by a company representative who is meeting face-to-face with a customer. For instance, an organization may send salespeople and other support personnel to a customer’s location and their ability to address customer concerns is vital to maintaining strong customer service.

To ensure field people have the most up-to-date information, many companies now equip their field teams with portable devices that can access the Internet from virtually any location. This is accomplished through wireless Internet connections which allow the field person to access company computers and tap into customer data.