Managing the Advertising Campaign Tutorial

In this part of our Principles of Marketing Tutorials, we continue our discussion of advertising by taking a closer look at the decisions involved in creating an advertising campaign. Whether a marketer employs a professional advertising agency to handle its advertising campaign or chooses to undertake all advertising tasks on its own, a successful campaign requires a number of important decisions including:

  1. Setting the Advertising Objective
  2. Setting the Advertising Budget
  3. Selecting Media for Message Delivery
  4. Creating an Advertising Message
  5. Evaluating Advertising Campaign Results

For major consumer products companies that spend large sums to promote their products, each of these decisions will be intensely evaluated. On the other hand, smaller companies with limited budgets may be forced to focus what little money they have on only one key decision, such as selecting media, and give less attention to other areas. In either case, knowledge of all advertising campaign decisions is important and should be well understood by all marketers.

Image by 1950sUnlimited