General Message Creation Factors

When developing the message the marketer must take into consideration several factors including:

  • Characteristics of the Target Audience – The makeup of the target audience (e.g., age, location, attitudes, etc.) impacts what is conveyed in the message.
  • Type of Media Used – The media outlet (e.g., television, print, Internet, etc.) used to deliver the message impacts the way a message will be created.
  • Product Factors – Products that are highly complex require a different message than simpler products. Additionally, the target market’s familiarity with a product affects what is contained in a message. For instance, a new product attempting to gain awareness in the market will have a message that is much different than a product that is well-known.
  • Overall Advertising Objective – As mentioned, the objective of the advertising campaign can affect the type of ad that is designed. For example, an advertisement with the objective of stimulating immediate sales for an existing product will be different than an advertisement that seeks to build initial awareness of a new product.
Creating an Advertising Message
Advertising Message Structure