Selecting Media: Advertising Cluttter

In order to increase revenue, media outlets often include a large number of ads within a certain time, space or location. For instance, television programs may contain many ads inserted during the scheduled run-time of a program. A large number of advertisements create an environment of advertising clutter, which makes it difficult for those in the targeted market to recognize and remember particular advertisements.

To break through the clutter advertisers may be required to increase the frequency of their advertising efforts (i.e., run more ads). Yet greater advertising frequency increases advertising expense.

Alternatively, advertisers may seek opportunities that offer less clutter where an ad has a better chance of standing out from others. This can be seen with online downloads (e.g., podcasts) of sports and news programming where a 5-10 minute story will be presented with a single 30-60 second ad.

Selecting Media: Length of Exposure
Selecting Media: Response Tracking