Marketing Basics offers FREE highly detailed, textbook quality coverage of Marketing Basics. Our focus is on the key concepts and functions that are common to most marketing situations no matter an organization’s size, industry, or geographic location. The material we offer is ideal for business professionals, students and teachers, as well as anyone who lacks an understanding of Marketing.

Below is a list of the key issues in our Marketing coverage. These include discussion of basic Marketing concepts as well as more detailed examination of certain Marketing areas through In-Depth Tutorials. To access, tap on one of the Marketing Basics topics listed below.

Introduction to Marketing

Basic Concepts: What is Marketing?

Marketing Research

Basic Concepts: What is Marketing Research?

In-Depth Tutorial: Planning for Marketing Research

Managing Customers

Basic Concepts: What is a Customer?

In-Depth Tutorial: Consumer Buying Behavior

In-Depth Tutorial: Business Buying Behavior

Targeting Markets

Basic Concepts:  What is a Market?

Product Decisions

Basic Concepts: What is a Product?

In-Depth Tutorial: Managing Products

Distribution Decisions

Basic Concepts: What are Channels of Distribution?

Basic Concepts: What is Retailing?

Basic Concepts: What is Wholesaling?

Basic Concepts: Managing Product Movement

Promotion Decisions

Basic Concepts: What is Promotion?


Basics Concepts: What is Advertising?

In-Depth Tutorial: Managing the Advertising Campaign

Sales Promotion

Basic Concepts: What is Sales Promotion?

Public Relations

Basic Concepts: What is Public Relations?

Personal Selling

Basic Concepts: What is Personal Selling?

The Selling Process

In-Depth Tutorial: The Selling Process

Pricing Decisions

Basic Concepts: What is Price?

Setting Price

In-Depth Tutorial: Setting Price Part 1

In-Depth Tutorial: Setting Price Part 2

Managing External Forces

Basic Concepts: What are the External Forces Affecting Marketing?

Marketing Planning

In-Depth Tutorial: Marketing Planning and Strategy

In-Depth Tutorial: Planning With the Product Life Cycle

In-Depth Tutorial: How to Write a Marketing Plan – Part 1

In-Depth Tutorial: How to Write a Marketing Plan – Part 2

In-Depth Tutorial: Preparing a Market Study