Below presents links to sites of the top professional association for a number of marketing areas. For more groups see Academic Marketing Associations and Groups.

General Marketing

  • American Marketing Association *Leading professional society for those with interest in the practice, study and teaching of marketing.
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing *UK-based marketing association with strong emphasis on training and professional accreditation.
  • CMO Council *Aimed at the chief marketing officer, this association has a heavy Internet/technology leaning. The site does have market reports, white papers and a newsletter that may be accessible to non-members.
  • The Marketing Institute *A professional trade organization in Ireland.

Advertising & Promotion

Customer-Focused Marketing

Internet Marketing

Marketing Research

Product Issues

  • Corporate Design Foundation *An association that believes and teaches that organizational interests can be served through the effective use of design disciplines.
  • Product Development & Management Association *Trade and academic group whose mission includes improving "the effectiveness of people engaged in developing and managing new products - both new manufactured goods and new services."
  • User Experience Professionals Association *This professional association site has good information for those involved in online and offline product design including coverage of the usability concept, links to guidelines and methods, and conference information.


Sales & Sales Management




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