Understanding the Importance of Branding

The Keys to Brand Success (Millward Brown)

For the last few years the guys at Millward Brown have been producing insightful marketing content and this story (in PDF format) continues the good work. It covers the factors that set brands apart and hopefully make them distinctive such as the brand name, logo, packaging design, etc. But not only does the story cover the factors important to branding, it also looks at the psychology behind these factors and how these affect customer decision making.

In reality, the process of unlocking brand associations is more complex than simply matching up brands with words, shapes, or colors. In many cases it is not the individual elements of a brand’s presentation that are important, but the way these work together.

Do major Internet companies that offer online services, such as Google and Facebook, need to focus on branding issues in the same way that consumer products companies, such as Procter & Gamble and General Mills, look at branding?