Examples of Research in Marketing

As noted, marketing research is undertaken to support a wide variety of marketing decisions. The table below presents a small sampling of the research undertaken by marketing decision area. Many of the issues listed under Types of Research are discussed in greater detail in other parts of the Principles of Marketing Tutorials.


Marketing Decision Types of Research
Target Markets sales, market size, demand for product, customer characteristics, purchase behavior, customer satisfaction, website and mobile app traffic
Product product development, package protection, packaging awareness, brand name selection, brand recognition, brand preference, product positioning
Distribution distributor interest, assessing shipping options, online shopping, retail store site selection
Promotion advertising recall, advertising copy testing, sales promotion response rates, sales force compensation, traffic studies (outdoor advertising), public relations media placement
Pricing price elasticity analysis, optimal price setting, discount options
External Factors competitive analysis, legal environment, social and cultural trends, technological developments
Other company image, test marketing
Importance of Marketing Research
Doing Research Right