Mini-Case Information For Educators offers our own Marketing Mini-Cases. These cases are excellent for homework assignments, testing or as part of class discussion. Educators, who adopt a case, also have access to an Instructor’s Teaching Guide that offers insights into the issues discussed in the case. Additionally, each case offers an Issues to Consider section that poses questions and suggests assignments for students.

Free review copies of cases are available at no cost to qualified faculty*. (Cases are available to students at very affordable cost.) To be eligible to receive a free review copy, educators must:

  1. be identifiable through an educational website (e.g., online catalog, department webpage), AND
  2. provide a verification email containing recognizable educational domain.

*Educators please note: We limit case requests to a maximum of three different cases over a 60-day period. However, this restriction is waived if there is evidence one or more of our cases have been adopted and purchase required by your students.

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The Sleek Skier
A marketer of high-end skiing attire has seen its business expand rapidly in just five years. However, consumer research indicates there may be much more potential than is being realized. The company’s president has instructed the marketing staff to analyze their business and develop a new plan with the goal of doubling sales within two years.


California Playsets
Ralph Fallows is looking to extend his streak of successful retail businesses with a new venture targeting the play equipment market. Based in California, Ralph wants to have stores across the U.S. within two years and international locations within four years. To reach this goal, he believes his company will need to engage in aggressive word-of-mouth promotion and intense personal selling.


Snappy Snacks
Molly Smith, product manager for a manufacturer and marketer of spicy snack products, must decide how to address sluggish sales of a newly introduced product. Potentially complicating the situation are Molly’s assistant product managers who appear to have different ideas on what needs to happen to improve sales.


The Perfect Pasta Producers of Pittsburgh
A regional supplier of pasta products is facing declining sales despite a 60-year history of offering affordable products that appeal to working and middle class families. The head of marketing, Denise Alexander, believes a complete review of the firm’s marketing strategy is required and that both short-term and long-term plans are needed to address the situation.


The Always-On-Time Delivery Company
A regional package delivery company must consider several marketing issues as it makes plans to expand into the overnight delivery market. Prior to presenting the plan to senior management, vice-president of marketing, Bill Carson, has called a department meeting to evaluate the plan one last time.


Athletes Attire
A small clothing company, focused on athletic sportswear for women and men, must find ways to respond to slowing sales. While the company’s founder, Sue Bradley, does not see a need for major changes, the marketing staff may have different ideas.