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A form of sales promotion, mainly used in the consumer market and primarily offered in either in print or electronic form, that provides price savings or other incentives when presented at the time of purchase.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

A strategic approach whose goal is to get everyone in an organization, not just the marketer, to recognize the importance of customers.

CRM Technology

Computer and information systems that allow nearly anyone in an organization that comes into contact with a customer (e.g., sales force, service force, customer service representatives) to have timely access to necessary customer information.


A component of the external influences on consumer buying behavior that represents the behavior, beliefs and way people act learned through interaction and observation of other members of society.


A person or organization that a marketer believes will benefit from the products offered by the marketer’s organization and includes Existing Customers, Former Customers and Potential Customers.

Customer Contact Points

The different methods a customer uses to communicate with a company such as in-person, by telephone, over the Internet, etc.

Customer Service

Activities used by the marketer to support the purchaser’s experience with a product such as training, repair and complaint resolution.