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Rack Jobber (also Service Merchandiser)

Wholesale format represented by distributors that are assigned and manage space (i.e., racks) within retail stores including managing inventory, setting price and developing promotions.


A form of sales promotion, mainly used in the consumer market, which typically lowers a customer’s final acquisition cost for a product purchase but generally does so by: 1) requiring customers provide information and/or undertake activity after the purchase, and 2) only offering the incentive after the information is received.

Reference Group

Found within the Group Membership component of the external influences on consumer buying behavior, this concept represents people and organizations which a person simultaneously associates or, in some cases, feels the need to disassociate.


The process of gathering information to learn about something that is not fully known.

Research Design

A plan to collect information within a specific type of research method.

Research Instrument

Research method used to record information gathered during a research study that range from basic methods, such as a questionnaire that record participant responses to research questions, to highly advanced electronic measurement where respondents are connected to sophisticated equipment.

Research Reliability

A concept in conducting research that is concerned with making sure the method used to gather data leads to consistent results that would be duplicated if others follow the same methods.

Research Validity

A concept related to carrying out research that is concerned with whether the research is really measuring what it claims to be measuring.

Reseller Network

The collection of resellers such as retailer, wholesalers and industrial distributors, who provide services that assist the marketer in reaching their final customer.

Resellers (a.k.a. Intermediaries, Distributors, Dealers)

Members of a distribution channel who purchase products from the marketing company with the intention of selling to others and includes retailers, wholesalers and industrial distributors.


A business classification that includes resellers who, in general, obtain products from suppliers in order to sell to the final consumer.

Retailer-Sponsored Channel

A form of contractual dependent channel arrangement where retailers work together to manage channel relationships.


A distribution channel function where organizations sell products directly to the final consumer for their own personal use.


A component of the internal influences on consumer buying behavior that represents the position a person feels they hold or others feel they should hold within a particular group environment.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication

Internet technology that allows a company to send information quickly and to a large number (i.e., subscribers) with little manual effort compared to traditional methods.