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Actionable steps or decisions made in order to follow the strategies established.

Target Marketing

A strategic approach in which an organization attempts to get the most from its resources by following a planned procedure for identifying customers who possess the greatest potential to respond to the marketer’s efforts and help the marketer meet objectives.

Target Markets

Key component of the marketers toolkit that represents decisions on the strategies and methods needed to select customers who will be the focus of an organizations marketing efforts.

Technical Specialists

A sub-category of the sales support sales classification that consists of those who offer expertise to assist other salespeople in the selling process.

Total Product

Represents the sum of all tangible and intangible offerings and benefits a customer obtains from a product and includes three key elements: core benefits, actual product and augmented product.

Tracking Research

Method of data collection often associated with Quantitative Research, where the behavior of customers is monitored as they engage in regular purchase or information gathering activities in either an online or offline setting.

Trade Allowances (also Off-Invoice Promotion)

A form of trade sales promotion offering channel partners short-term price breaks or other guarantees (e.g., buy back unsold product) for stocking product and, in many cases, for agreeing to promote the product such as placing product in a specific store location (i.e., display allowance) or highlighting the product in company-produced promotions (i.e., advertising allowance).

Trade Association

Generally membership-supported organizations whose mission is to offer assistance (e.g., market research) and represent the interests of those operating in a specific industry.

Trade Discounts (Allowances)

A form of standard price adjustment offered to channel partners that, in effect, is an indirect payment for assisting with distribution activities.

Trade Sales Promotions

Sales promotions that are primarily directed at a marketer’s channel members with the primary intention of “pushing” a product through the channel by encouraging resellers to purchase and possibly promote the product to their customers.

Trade Selling

A type of account management selling, mostly found in consumer products industries, where salespeople first get distributors, such wholesalers and retailers, to handle their products and once this is accomplished help distributors sell their products by offering promotional and merchandising support.

Trade Shows

Organized industry events, primarily used in business-to-business selling situations, that bring both buyers and sellers together in one central location.

Trade-In Promotion

A form of sales promotion, used in both consumer and business markets, that allows customers to obtain a price reduction in exchange for something the customer possess, such as an older product that the new purchase will replace.

Truck Wholesaler

Wholesale format represented by distributors who travel in a well-stocked supply trucks to buyer’s locations.