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A product storage facility that often serves a key role in distribution strategy by helping marketers meet market demand.

Warehouse Stores

Retail format represented by a form of mass discounter that often provides even lower prices than traditional mass discounters usually by requiring buyers to make purchases in large quantities and whose outlets offer few services, limited product selection and barebones store design.


A offer, often associated with a purchase, in which a marketer provides customers a level of protection, beyond a Guarantee period, that covers repair or replacement of certain product components if found defective within some identified time frame.

White Papers

Detailed, sometimes highly researched, documents intended to establish credibility or offer insight into the capabilities of a company and its products or services.


A business classification that includes resellers who, in general, engage in distribution activities that come between a supplying party (e.g., manufacturer) and a purchasing party (e.g., retailer) but who do not sell to the final consumer.

Wholesaler-Sponsored Channel

A form of contractual dependent channel arrangement where a wholesaler brings together and manages many independent retailers which may include having the retailers sharing the same name.


A distribution channel function where organizations purchase products from supplying firms with the primary intention of redistributing, often in smaller quantities, to other organizations such as retailers.