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A branding strategy where a marketer with its own brand seeks to partner with an established brand owned by another organization in hopes the synergy of the two brands is even more powerful than a single brand alone.

Climate-Controlled Warehouse

A type of warehouse that handles storage of products requiring special handling conditions such as refrigeration for perishable products and humidity-controlled environments for delicate products such as flowers.

Channel Power

Refers to the influence one party within a channel of distribution has over other channel members which may allow those with power to make demands of others.

Channel of Distribution

The activities and organizations that assist a marketer in moving products (goods or services) from the hands of the marketing company to the hands of the final customer.

Channel Conflict

Refers to disagreements that arise within a channel when a channel member’s decisions affect (often negatively) the business operations of other members.

Causal Research

A method of research that is often highly structured and controlled in which one variable, called the independent variable, is manipulated to see how it may effect another variable, called the dependent variable.

Category Killers

Retail format represented by retail chains that have taken what were previously small, narrowly focused specialty stores and expanded these to create large specialty stores.

Catalog Retailers

Retail format represented by retailers that provide product information to customers within a mailed catalog or website, and allow customers to place orders via phone, through regular mail or online, and then deliver orders via a third-party shipper.


Wholesale format represented by distributors that require buyers visit the wholesaler’s facility, physically select their order, pay in cash (i.e., credit purchases not permitted), and then handle their own delivery (i.e., carry).

Buying Center

Consists of those within an organization that impact purchase decisions and includes those serving in the roles of buyer, decider, influencer, user, initiator and gatekeeper.

Business-to-Business Selling

A type of account management selling where salespeople sell products to be used by a business and do so with the intention of being involved in additional transactions as the relationship between the buyer and seller grows.

Business Equipment Sales

A type of new business development primarily found in industries where profits come from the sale of supplies and services that support a main product (e.g., business equipment) and where salespeople focus on getting buyers to purchase the main product.

Bundle Pricing

A form of promotional price adjustment that offers discounted pricing when customers purchase several products at the same time.

Breakeven Pricing

A cost pricing method used to set a product’s initial price that is used in association with Breakeven Analysis and the determination of minimum sales levels needed at different pricing points in order for a company to cover fixed costs.

Breakeven Analysis

A forecasting tool used by marketers that considers product price, fixed cost and variable costs in order to determine the minimum sales volume required before a company realizes a profit.