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Agents (also Brokers)

A specialty service firm found within a marketer’s channel of distribution that, for a fee, works to bring the marketer together with buyers.

Advocacy Advertising

A type of advertising intended to influence a target audience on some matter, such as political or social issue, that also impacts the marketing organization.

Advertising Clutter (also Promotional Clutter)

A concept in advertising (and promotion in general) that suggests that the existence of a large number of advertising messages within media outlets (e.g., television, newspaper, radio, etc.) makes it difficult for viewers to recognize and remember specific messages (e.g., ad for specific brand).


A non-personal form of promotion delivered through media outlets that generally require the marketer pay for message placement.

Administrative Channel Arrangement

A type of dependent channel arrangement where a single channel member, such as a leading brand manufacturer or large retailer, has achieved a significant power position and dominates the decisions that occur within the channel.

Actual Product

A component of the Total Product offered by the marketer, this represents part of the product that is used (i.e., product features) as well as other elements that are included such as branding, packaging and labeling.

Account Management

A sub-category of the order getter sales classification in which salespeople are responsible for all aspects of building customer relationships from initial sale through to follow-up account servicing.

Above Competition Pricing

A competitive pricing method in which initial price is set at levels intended to be above competitors’ prices.