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Single Line Specialty Merchandisers

A category within the products carried classification of retailers that includes retailers that offer just one product line and sometimes only one product.

Shopping Products

A category of consumer products with characteristics that include: product appeals to medium-sized target market who occasionally purchase and will spend time locating; product is relatively expensive; and product is selectively distributed.


In marketing this represents a type of product that consists of something of value customers obtain through the physical labor of a marketing organization.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Internet marketing strategies designed to attain higher rankings for company websites within users’ search engine queries.

Selective Coverage Distribution

Distribution strategy that attempts to have products made available in somewhat limited locations in which this type of product is sold and not every possible location since these products generally appeal to smaller, more focused target markets (e.g., consumer shopping products).

Segmentation Marketing (also Differentiated Marketing)

A target marketing strategy in which the marketer appeals to multiple smaller market segments with a unique marketing strategy for each market.

Secondary Research

An approach to data collection where a marketers gathers information collected by others rather than doing their own original primary research.

Second-Level Package

For some products this level of packaging surrounds the first-level package for the purpose of added protection or to serve as the primary package.

Scent Marketing

The intentional use of olfactory elements, such as an odor or fragrance, for the purpose of enhancing customers' experience with a product.

Scatter Advertising Purchase

The name given to television advertising puchasing, where a television network will not make a certain ad space available for sale until a time that is closer to when a television program will be broadcast.  This differs from upfront advertising purchasing, where ad space can be purchased by advertisers well in advance of when a television program will air.

Samples (also Free Trial)

A form of sales promotion, used in both consumer and business markets, that gives customers the opportunity to experience products, often in small quantities or for a short duration, without purchasing the product.

Sales Support

A category within personal selling that includes those who primarily assist with the selling effort such as Technical Specialist and Office Support Personnel.

Sales Prospect

Potential customers who meets the requirements of a qualified sales lead and who a salesperson now targets for a sales call.

Sales Promotion

Promotional methods using short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market or distribution channel, generally through an incentive, to respond or undertake certain activity.

Sales Lead

A person or organization exhibiting key characteristics that suggest to a salesperson that further information gathering is warranted in order to determine (i.e., qualify) whether they are a sales prospect.